Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Undercover Boss?

CBS is bringing back the show Undercover Boss that had a successful but limited run earlier this year.

Perhaps you should do your own version as Pat McGraw explains:

Focus on the CUSTOMER

Posted: 03 Sep 2010 05:48 AM PDT

The ‘customer service’ rep on the other end of the line was not solving my problem – there was a charge on my phone bill for a service I never authorized or approved and the rep was telling me that he could remove the charge this month but I needed to contact the mysterious business and handle the issue myself.

When I asked how this could happen in the first place, the answer left me with the feeling that anyone could contact my phone company and tell them to bill me through their system – and they would.

When I called the mysterious company, the rep informed me that I had submitted a completed online form requesting the service. When I denied his claim, he told me “Well, I can see it right here on my screen.”

In both situations, I asked to speak with a supervisor because the Tier 1 reps were just reading policy off a screen. They were not concerned with me – they were concerned with doing their job which was to push me off their phone.

In both situations, I waited for 15 minutes and never had anyone get back on the line with me – no rep telling me the supervisor was still on his/her way, and no supervisor asking how they can help.

In both situations, they had a record of my request to speak with a supervisor and my telephone number. In both situations, I never received a call back.

My phone company had, until that moment, an increasingly stronger change to grab my families cell phone business – but they blew it. They almost motivated me to become one of those ‘wireless phone only’ people because I really don’t need a land line.

So the point of all this is simple – when was the last time you shopped your own business? Do you have processes in place that provide positive customer experience – or do you have processes in place that are designed for your own comfort and happiness?

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