Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Guide...

In the form of a list.

I was reading this last weekend and decided to apply this lesson to my sales approach.

So, I now have a list which lists the steps I will go thru depending on which direction we are going to go, based on their needs.

The steps are the same no matter what the business, when I am working with an advertising client, and it's not really a mystery.

Or at least it doesn't need to be.

Read what Michelle has to say from her WonderBranding blog:

The One Very Important Thing You Can Learn From “Back to School” Marketers

Posted: 25 Aug 2010 07:24 AM PDT

I was in OfficeMax the other day and came upon a rotating rack at the front of the store offering brightly colored lists of “suggested school supplies” according to grade level.

While I could envision mothers bargaining with their kids over what they could and could not afford, I also pictured these same moms feeling slightly relieved to have a comprehensive list at their fingertips to make shopping easier.

Just about any business can do something similar:

  • The garden center that offers lists of tools for beginning gardeners, best types of flowers for shaded patios, or step-by-step instructions on planting a shrub or tree.
  • The home improvement store that features a list of everything you need (tools and parts) to fix that leaky toilet.
  • The restaurant that showcases a “chef’s secret” takeaway recipe card in a holder on the table.
  • The wine store with a beautiful wooden literature rack near the register that offers flyers on building your first wine collection, or how to figure out the quantity of wine you’ll need for a party.
  • The bank that provides a checklist of the basic financial and personal documents or copies you should place in your safe deposit box.
  • The sporting goods store that offers flyers on the equipment you need for cycling, camping or hiking.

The list for potential marketing opportunities is endless.

I wonder why more businesses don’t do this.

What business are YOU in? What kind of lists could you offer customers to make their purchasing process easier (and maybe even get them to buy more than they originally came into your store for)?

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