Monday, July 12, 2010

You May Not Qualify...

to spend money with me.

I've use these words.

Here's why:

Daily Sales Tip: Express Your True Intent

Tell customers upfront: "I don't know if there's a fit between what you need and what I have right now, but I'm hoping we can explore that in more detail during this meeting."

Or: "I only have your best interests at heart, and I promise to be honest with you throughout our conversation. In the end, I hope that we can mutually decide if there is a reason to move forward. If not, that's fine, too, and I hope you'll feel comfortable telling me so."

This advice runs counter to 90 percent of the approaches I see. But then again, maybe that's why only 10 percent of salespeople are top performers.

Try it yourself a few times, and you'll be amazed at the response you get.

Source: Colleen Francis, president and founder of Engage Selling Solutions

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