Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to Build Loyal Customers

Read this story and see how you can apply it to your business:

Customer Convenience Is Important To Solving Customer
Service Problems

As I travel around the world I connect to the Internet and
email with my Verizon “Air Card.” I pay a fee each month
for the convenience of being able to connect from virtually
anywhere, unless I can’t get a signal.

And, that is exactly what happened when I attended a
conference and stayed at the beautiful Marriott Desert
Ridge in Phoenix, AZ. I checked in, went to the room,
unpacked and sat down at the desk to do some work. I
couldn’t get a wireless signal. So, I took my computer to
the lobby where the signal was strong and worked just fine.

Katherine had checked me in earlier and she came over to
see how I liked my room. I told her the room was great,
but I couldn’t get a signal on my wireless card, even
though the signal was at full strength in the hotel lobby.
I asked if it would be a big deal to change rooms. Her
response impressed me. She said, “You shouldn’t have to
change rooms because you can’t get an Internet signal. If
you would use our high-speed Internet access in the room,
I’ll make sure you don’t get charged for it.”

What a great response! Katherine could have moved me to a
room on a higher floor, but she didn’t. Instead, and this
the important point, she gave me the more customer
convenient solution. I’m not sure what it cost the hotel
to provide me with free Internet access, if anything.
Regardless, it earned them my loyalty. And, I get to tell
thousands of people about my great experience at the
Marriott Desert Ridge in Phoenix, AZ.

LESSON: When solving customer problems, consider the
customer’s convenience as (part of) the solution.

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Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE
Shepard Presentations, LLC
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(314) 692-2200

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