Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Night Marketing News from Mediapost

Oh, come on now.... I'm referring to the last headline... Click & Read and I'll have more updates Saturday & Sunday:

by Wayne Friedman
Good news for those TV Everywhere cable proponents: Not only do consumers seem to like the idea, but according to a new study of broadband users, millions are willing to pay at least $5 or $10 extra per month for those services. ...Read the whole story
by David Goetzl
Top executives at Young Broadcasting have dropped claims looking for new ownership to assume employment contracts they signed in 2007. That clears the way for them to continue -- likely under less lucrative deals. ...Read the whole story
by Erik Sass
While the level of consumer awareness of HD digital radio is up for debate, the new-ish technology is now a selling point for automotive marketers: Ford is highlighting the benefits of HD radio as part of its new radio ad campaign for the 2011 Edge. ...Read the whole story
by Wayne Friedman
Veteran media researcher David Marans has joined the Advertising Research Foundation as executive vice president of media. Marans worked with major consumer marketers, including Ford Motor, Sears, Pfizer and Unilever, as well as a long stint at JWT. ...Read the whole story
by Erik Sass
Hearst Magazines is planning a PR campaign targeting advertisers and media buyers, focused on the message that consumer magazines still attract large audiences. In fact, their readership has been increasing, and consumers are willing to pay for content. ...Read the whole story

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