Saturday, July 17, 2010

One More

from Jim Meisenheimer:

Do One More Thing

It's called an extra effort. Your sales prospects and
customers will always appreciate your extra efforts.

It takes a great deal of self discipline to succeed in
the business of selling.

First and foremost, if you are an entrepreneur or a
professional sales person, you must dedicate yourself
to continuous learning.

Zig Ziglar, in a recent article, says he gets comments
from people who complain that "The effects of motivational
seminars, books, and audio CDs - don't last."

His response to that is: "Neither does bathing, that's
why we recommend it daily."

He makes an excellent point here!

You can always do one more thing - for example you
could make one extra prospecting telephone call every
day. The impact on your selling results would be
astonishing. However, it means you have to dial the
cellphone one more time everyday.

During a first sales call with a new prospect you could
ask one more intelligent question to get to know your
potential customer better.

After every first sales call to a new sales prospect
you could always follow up with a hand written note
card. You could do one more thing by using a fountain
pen to write your note.

Once you've identified a major problem your sales
prospect is experiencing, you could do one more thing.
Using a calculator with your sales prospect you could
dollarize the annual cost of his problem.

You could then add up the cost of this problem for
five years.

You could do one more thing and add up the cost of
this problem for 10 years. When you dollarize the cost
of the problem over the next 10 years you've accomplished
something that very few salespeople ever do.

The bigger the problem, in dollars, the more interest
your sales prospect will have in solving his problem
with your product/service solutions.

If your business environment requires that you prepare
sales proposals, you could do one more thing to make
them even better. For example you could include an
organizational chart which includes photos, phone
numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and titles for
six people who usually interact with your customers.

To keep your sales prospects thinking about you, you
can create a communication drizzle that includes e-mails,
greeting cards, handwritten notes, creative faxes, and of
course phone calls.

And you do this because you recognize the value of the
Thomas Kempis quote "Out of sight, out of mind."

When you reach the point in the selling process where
your next step is to ask for the order, you can do one
more thing. You can prepare and practice three ways you
can ask for the business.

Don't complain and don't explain if your business isn't

Just keep doing one more thing every day and you'll have
more business than you can handle.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Jim Meisenheimer. 13506 Blythefield. Lakewood Ranch. FL. 34202

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