Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sniff what?

This happens in my house.

From the WonderBranding blog:

Do Females Have A Nose For Business?

Posted: 13 Jul 2010 08:00 AM PDT

(This “From the Vault” post was originally published on August 17, 2008)

There is one sure-fire way to drive my husband nuts – ask him the following question:

“Do you smell that?”

He is instantly on alert, sniffing and scrambling like a Jack Russell Terrier on the hunt for a rawhide chewy. He goes crazy trying to detect the smell while I describe the particular components of the odor. “It’s like a fried egg with a hint of cinnamon, wrapped in a bouquet of kitchen cleanser.” Inevitably, my husband gives up the chase, convinced that no such smell exists and I’m one cupcake shy of a full dozen.

Actually, I’m not (at least where smell is concerned). Studies like a recent one conducted at Cardiff University report that when it comes to odor detection, women have a much more elaborate sense of smell thanks to elevated levels of estrogen in the body. And not only do women have a heightened sense of smell: MRIs show that women link those smells to emotion, storing those feelings in the right brain of emotional and long-term memory.

What kind of smells does your retail location or office expend?

If it’s moldy, you’re in trouble; likewise, any one of myriad odors can trigger the “don’t feel good about this business” button in a female customer. Realtors have known about the importance of smell for years – just visit any open house on a Sunday afternoon and you’re likely to encounter a warm batch of chocolate chip cookies on the kitchen counter.

Consider taking a group of women through your location and have them tell you what they smell (it won’t work to do it yourself, even if you’re a woman – your nose is too familiar what it encounters everyday). Then, determine what you can do to improve it. But be careful – don’t make things too “sterile.” I once had a pet-store client that was so focused on the cleanliness of the store that it smelled like a medical facility. We had to introduce a new smell (cedar) to subliminally change the customer’s perception.

The nose knows… what would her nose tell her about you?

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