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Social Media: Connecting with Moms

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Product Recommendations Come From Friends, Not Networks

According to recent findings from MomConnection, The Parenting Group's research panel of 5,000 moms, 60% of moms report having used a social network in the past 24 hours, turning to online communities and social networks for advice, support and connection.

The most surprising finding, however, despite all of the attention being given to the relationships that moms form online through social media, is that they do not use social networks as a resource when it comes to product decision-making. Moms are four times more likely to turn to their personal offline network of friends and family than online social networks for product recommendations and buying advice.

The study found that the role of social networks in moms' lives is not a channel where most moms are receptive to gathering product information, but rather is largely for entertainment and personal communication. Only 24% of respondents have used Facebook for product information and buying advice, while 5% have used Myspace for product info, and 3% have used Twitter.

Facebook Is Moms' Social Network Of Choice

Social Network

% of Moms Who Are Members














Source: MomConnection, November 2009

Moms' Sources Of Product Research And Buying Advice

Get Advice All The Time

% of Respondents

Mom-focused web sites


User reviews on shopping web sites


Magazine articles


Source: MomConnection, November 2009

The survey also found that moms interact with brands on a surprisingly high level, actively requesting information and resources from the companies whose products they use. One-on-one interaction with brands is their preferred way to receive info:

  • 81% have visited a brand's web site for more information
  • 65% have signed up to receive a newsletter from a brand
  • 36% have posted a link or joined a fan group on Facebook

The research found that nearly all moms are "influencers" in some way, spreading the word once they've formulated an opinion about a product:

  • 94% of moms give advice to other moms in at least one product category
  • The average mom gives and gets advice in more than 8 product categories
  • 69% recommend specific brands by name to other moms
  • 54% have rated or reviewed a brand online
  • 37% have posted their opinions about a product in an online forum or blog

Popular Subject Areas For Mom-To-Mom Discussion Of Product Choices

Give Advice On:

Percentage Of Moms Who Give And Get Advice In Category

Children's toys and games




Cooking and baking tools


Online/offline shopping


Drugs and remedies


Source: MomConnection, November 2009

Moms are more likely to seek advice, rather than share advice, on product decisions in the following categories:

  • Financial services
  • Home renovation, repairs and appliances
  • Cars and automotive products
  • Electronics and home entertainment equipment
  • Computers and cell phones

The research also identified six key characteristics that draw moms to one brand over another. Moms are most likely to talk about brands that they feel are:

  • A good value
  • Trustworthy
  • Responsive to moms' needs
  • High-quality
  • A money-saver
  • A time-saver

The Mom Network survey was conducted by MomConnection among 583 moms with children under 12 between September 10 and September 24, 2009.

For more information about the study and the MomConnection, please visit here.

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