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From Jeff Garrison:

Sales & Customer Service

Posted: 21 Sep 2009 06:00 AM PDT

Customer Service

How clients perceive the quality of yourcustomer service begins with their expectations. So, what does this mean for the sales person?

It is the sales person's responsibility to set realistic expectations with customers during the sales process.

After all, if a customer is upset later, it does not solve the problem to say that their expectations are outside the industry norm, unreasonable, or downright ridiculous.

The best way to avoid assuming or guessing what the customer service expectations are is to ask what they are.

"Ms. Prospect, what are your customer service expectations of a good ____________ company?"

There are many good things that could come from asking this one question.

  • You may discover that your company is a good fit for the prospect regarding their customer service expectations and your actual service.
  • You may discover that the prospect has unrealistic expectations and you have the chance to address them before there is an issue.
  • You may discover that their expectations exceed your normal service levels, but that you can provide what they want easily.
  • You may discover that the expectations are such that you can provide what they want, but only for an additional fee.
  • You may beat out competitors because you asked and they did not.

Work this question into you normal sales process and see what kind of reaction you get. It will start some surprising and worthwhile conversations.

How have you been stung by unrealistic, or even crazy, expectations?

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