Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Email Marketing Blunders

Email Marketing has increased and as we get ready for the holiday season, more and more business marketers are using Email. Here are some tips from MarketingProfs.com on what not to do:

OK, OK, so I Screwed Up

Despite your commitment to following best practices, you might still commit minor email-marketing sins on occasion. Well, take heart: You are not alone. In a post at the Email Experience Council blog, Marco Marini recounts asking his staff to create a list of the 10 most frequent mistakes they have observed in campaigns deployed by their ClickMail clients.

"The good news," he says, "is that they only came up with nine. And the even better news is that these are all easy best practices to adapt and adhere to."

Here are a few of the reported transgressions:

Sloppy copy. Each and every message should be closely vetted for spelling errors, incorrect grammar or such sins as the notorious use of their when the writer meant they're.

Obscure "from" labels. Choose the name in your "from" line with great care, and once you use it, stick with it. Remember: Subscribers who don't recognize a name in their inbox might delete your message without reading it—or, worse yet, mark it as spam.

Competing links. According to Marini, you'll muddy your results if you link to more than one location. "Unless it's a newsletter," he notes, "most emails should be single-subject with a single call-to-action. If it's a sale, link to the appropriate sale items. If it's an invitation, link to the registration page."

The Po!nt: Always try to do your best—practices. "In an industry where a half a percentage point can make or break a campaign," says Marini, "it's our opinion that tweaking and optimizing every possible factor is worth the effort." Go ahead and nitpick!

Source: Email Experience Council. Read the full post here.

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