Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Not the Size That Counts...

It's how you use it.

I'm talking about your contacts, it's about relationships, not list building. Of course you need some contacts and this applies to all your marketing and advertising efforts. recently wrote about this in relation to Twitter and other Social Media:

Turn That Follower Into a Retweeter

"When you first start playing in the social media sandbox, you feel compelled to collect," says Mark Goren in a post at the Daily Fix blog. "Subscribers. Followers. Friends. The more the merrier—at least that's what it feels like at first."

But consider this:

  • Just because someone subscribes to your blog, that doesn't mean she reads it religiously. "Consider how many unread items you have in your own newsreader," he notes.
  • A Twitter follower, meanwhile, can easily miss your thoughts unless you tweet at the precise moment he happens to be reading the stream.
  • And how many times have you become a Facebook fan without ever returning to that specific page?

In other words, it's a mistake to assume your large network automatically equals a large audience. Rather, you earn "must-read" or "must-view" status by engaging your subscribers/followers/friends with content they actively seek.

And if that content is compelling enough, they'll further expand your potential audience by sharing it with their networks.

"[T]he real win," argues Goren, "is when you entice people to share, no matter the network they're sharing on or the method used."

The Po!nt:
It's not the size of your potential audience that counts, but how well you engage them. "Don't fool yourself by counting people if you're not connecting with them," Goren says.

Source: Daily Fix. Click here for the full post.

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