Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Night Marketing News from Mediapost

Wrapping up the last 3 days of the month....

by Karlene Lukovitz
The campaign aims to convey that Legal "is in the fish business -- we control our sourcing, so we know exactly when and how each fish was caught, and we select and test [for mercury levels] ourselves for total quality assurance," president and CEO Roger Berkowitz tells Marketing Daily. ... Read the whole story > >
by Karl Greenberg
Matt Cowan, VP of advertising and marketing at the New York company, tells Marketing Daily that the promotional deal is an effort to reach beyond core boxing enthusiasts. "It's bringing Everlast's fundamental values to a fitness consumer. Our ultimate goal is to get consumers to try our hard goods and gloves. Once people get a touch and feel for our gear, they become committed to the sport." ... Read the whole story > >
by Sarah Mahoney
In 1932, Omega says it became the first company to be trusted with timekeeping, and relied on 30 chronograph watches. At last year's games in Beijing, Omega says the contribution was slightly more elaborate: It provided 420 metric tons of equipment, 450 timekeeping and data-handling professionals and more than a thousand specially trained local volunteers. ... Read the whole story > >
by Sarah Mahoney
A study, the latest in ongoing research from the Luxury Institute, surveyed men and women with more than $150,000 in annual income, and reports that 44% of these shoppers believe luxury has become a commodity. A slight majority believes there are too many luxury products in most categories. ... Read the whole story > >
by Tanya Irwin
"Our objective was to fundamentally improve the customer's experience," the company's Monica Luechtefeld tells Marketing Daily. "We wanted to make it faster, simpler and more intuitive." Post-redesign clickstream analysis and customer surveys indicate that the site is easier to move around, she says. ... Read the whole story > >
by Karl Greenberg
Stephen Berkov, senior marketing analyst, says "October should be a fresh start for the industry," adding that the industry is at a nexus and marketers need to shift messages. "As I see it, from August to next year is a crucial time for brands to clearly define who they are, what they stand for and why they deserve a place in the market." ... Read the whole story > >
by Aaron Baar
The telecommunications company over the weekend aired an NFL-themed spot depicting people wearing different NFL jerseys and using their phones in a multitude of ways. Members of the groups -- depicted in different settings -- are shown in bubbles as a metaphor for other carriers' restrictive calling circles. ... Read the whole story > >

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