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A Free E-Book on... to write a Free E-Book! From Content Marketing:

How to Create an E-Book That Will Benefit Your Customers and Your Company

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 03:51 PM PDT

ebook ebook kranz The E-Book E-Book Is the Perfect Example of Content Marketing That Helps You Be a Much More Effective Content Marketer

You have to love it when a great marketing guy completes the content marketing circle. That’s exactly what Jonathan Kranz has done in his new E-Book E-Book which teaches its readers exactly how to create an effective e-book that will, in turn, serve as an effective content marketing vehicle for their organizations.

Jonathan is true to the content marketing credo. He provides relevant and compelling content for free. He proves that he understands how to create a great e-book by creating a great e-book. In so doing, he makes himself a trusted source of information whom we would be comfortable hiring to help us with our content marketing. It just doesn’t get any better.

Here are my top 10 takeaways from this terrific e-book:

  1. Make sure you have something worth saying. If you don’t, your e-book will flop.
  2. When searching for ideas, think about how you can solve a problem, help your customers succeed or both.
  3. It is okay and even important to frame the debate in your favor. That is, if your company is particularly good at solving certain sets of problems, focus on how important it is to solve those very problems.
  4. You do not have to be positive throughout. In fact, building up the potential danger of failing to solve a problem builds dramatic tension that will keep your readers engaged from beginning to end. This is akin to the old sales technique of scaring the heck out of your customer before you show him how you can get him out of the frying pan.
  5. Organize your e-book in short, easily digestible sections. This makes your content much more appealing to time-starved, short attention span business executives.
  6. Although organizing by lists may seem old hat, it works. Lists make for a simple and understandable way of organizing almost any kind of content.
  7. Real life case studies add meat to your e-book bones as you take your case study protagonists from challenge to solution to results.
  8. Be generous with sidebars, callouts, and graphics. These will make your written content even more easily digestible and understandable.
  9. A compelling introduction is vital because it sets the stage for the content to come and lets your reader know that you understand his problems and will be providing solutions that are relevant to him.
  10. When you wrap up your e-book, make sure that you lead your reader to the all important next steps that he must take in order to achieve the positive results you have shown to be possible in your e-book.

If you’re trying to figure out how to use e-books as a core component of your content marketing strategy, this is absolute must reading. Of course, since this is a perfect example of content marketing, it’s also free. Click here to get Jonathan’s E-Book E-Book.

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