Wednesday, August 05, 2009

7 steps to Sales Success

Ever climb a flight of stair and miss a step? It throws you off balance and sometimes you can get hurt!

The same can happen in the sales process. This was in an email to radio sales executives:

Daily Sales Tip: Process vs. Results

The harder we push to create other words, close the sale...the less time we have to develop and execute the sales process. Hard times cause what I call the "Skipping and Tripping" syndrome. Skip a step of the process, like conducting a good Client Needs Analysis before making a recommendation of an idea, and you'll trip yourself and lose the sale.

Remember to execute all of RAB's Seven Steps To Selling Success:

1. Prospecting, including finding and qualifying the account as a good match between your typical listener and the prospect's typical customer.

2. Getting the appointment by using the phone and asking for an appointment to determine if you can be of benefit to the prospect -- not to present a pitch.

3. Researching the prospect's industry and the prospect's marketing situation to prepare specific questions for use during the next step.

4. Conducting a Client Needs Analysis meeting to ask your questions and learn about the prospect's objectives, competitive situation, products and services, and current advertising.

5. Writing the proposal, with custom information focusing on the needs of the advertiser and your solution to those needs.

6. Presenting the proposal, emphasizing client benefits rather than station features.

7. Closing, including addressing objections by restating how your recommendation helps the prospect achieve desired advertising objectives.

Source: John Potter, Radio Advertising Bureau VP/Training

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