Sunday, August 09, 2009

Focus & Practice

From my email:

Focusing on the Prospect

Intuitively, most salespeople know that they should show interest in their prospects. But frankly, it is easier to give a dissertation on our company, product, or service than to ask questions and be attentive and interested. And since it is also human nature to take the easy way out, this is what most salespeople do.

So how do you develop the discipline to focus on your prospects' needs and wants? The answer is practice, practice, practice.

Before every call, make the conscious decision to focus your attention on your prospect. Tell yourself to listen instead of pitch. Make a commitment to slow down and ask questions, really listen to the answers, and ask relevant follow-up questions.

After each call, assess your performance and think about where you failed and what you did well. When you do this consistently before and after every call, over time, you will learn how to turn your focus from yourself and toward another person.

You will also develop the self-discipline to listen instead of pitch. Soon your interpersonal skills will improve, your relationships with your buyers will grow stronger, and you will become one of the elite sales professionals in your company or industry.

Source: Sales trainer/consultant Jeb Blount (

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