Sunday, July 19, 2009

Using a Script

I've never been a fan of using scripts for selling, but this article by Skip Anderson, got me to change my mind:

When to Use Sales Scripts

To achieve a desired outcome, using the correct words is crucial. Screenplays rely on the correct verbiage. So do politicians, public speakers, spouses, parents, attorneys, lawmakers, journalists, authors, bloggers, trainers, law enforcement officials, friends, and salespeople. In certain types of sales, selling scripts have tremendous value because they help sellers to say the words which are engineered to achieve the desired results.

Those of us who are analytical by nature, and who have an intimate understanding of buying psychology, sales momentum, selling processes, and cause and effect are more likely to craft words that will achieve sales results than are individuals who don't have this perspective. Words mean things. Therefore, the right words mean the right things and get the right results more of the time.

Sales scripts aren't right for all sales scenarios. But they can be extraordinarily effective in these situations:

∙ When you have limited time with your prospect

∙ The sales team is inexperienced in selling, lacks professional sales skills, or is challenged with creating sales momentum

∙ You don't have time to provide comprehensive sales training, so you have to cut to the chase

∙ When there is a lot of information to cover, especially if it must be done correctly

∙ One call close scenarios where the prospect's probability of purchase decreases after a window of time

∙ There are potential legal issues that require certain verbiage, or prohibits other verbiage

∙ When your company or product requires consistency in its message to prospects

∙ When the selling scenario is more transaction and less relational

∙ When what you've been doing hasn't been working

How could sales scripts help you achieve your business goals?

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