Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prospecting & Marketing

When I read this last Saturday from Seth Godin, you could see my head bobbing up and down in agreement.

Then I was scratching my head wondering how to classify this.

See, these words of advice are appropriate if you are prospecting for new clients.

But they are just as important when you are planning your advertising.

Contact me at Scott if you need clarification.

The law of the little shovel

If you want to dig a big hole, you need to stay in one place.

If you walk around town with a little shovel, you'll just end up digging thousands of little holes, not one big one.

Call on one person ten times and you might make the sale. Call on ten people once each and you will likely get ten rejections.

The important thing to remember is that separate events are often separate. If you use the same ineffective approach on one thousand people, it's not going to start working better just because you use it more often.

Connected events, on the other hand, often benefit from frequency and trust.

Which leads to two viable strategies:
1. If you can stay still, stay still. Earn the trust, earn the sale by repeatedly demonstrating value and authority.

2. If you can't stay still, get a bigger shovel. Your marketing and your sales pitch has to be so refined and focused that it works the first time, because you don't get a second time.

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