Friday, July 24, 2009

Stop doing this

Last night I was reading emails and really like this one from Craig Garber:

Hi Scott,

I'm walking around New York City yesterday afternoon with
more sights to see than I could ever possibly take in, in
one day alone. See, we're up here making some videos for
the launch of my book and a having some laughs while we're
at it, and gosh, this place is packed with people!

So anyway, there were a few kids trying to give away some
audio CD's they made -- presumably, trying to let people
know who they are, and to expose their music to more

Want to guess what happened every single time these guys
went up to someone and tried to hand them a free CD?

Yup, you got it. No one wanted them. In fact, most people
were irritated that someone was trying to place something
they didn't want, into their hands. They treated these
ambitious young kids no differently than they treated all
the other people standing on the street corners trying to
shove restaurant and retail store flyers into their hands.

And there's a big lesson you need to take away from this.

And that is, NOT everyone is your prospect. When I work
with consulting clients (see ) one of the first
things I ask them to do, is tell me who buyers are, and who
their prospects are. Then I ask them to define their ideal
prospects... and then, to tell me who's NOT buying from
them, but they wish they were.

Next, of course, we spend time coming up with ways of
getting rid of the bad prospects and getting more of the
good ones and making more money from them.

See, the truth is, you can be making the most incredibly
compelling offers in the history of your industry even, but
when you're making these offers to the wrong people (people
who have no interest in buying what you're selling), you
are simply wasting your time and energy.

So, before you do anything else... before you try and sell
something... you have to find people who want to buy your
stuff, first. This way there's no "convincing" going on.
Because like I always say, the convincing business sucks.

So sometime today, go and review your marketing and make
sure you're not wasting time and money putting all the
right messages in front of the all the wrong people.

Got it?


Just two more quick things. One, if you want to eat some
tasty Mexican food and you're in the city, check out Rosa
Mexicano on 18th street just west of Broadway. Good food,
great atmosphere and cool location.

And two, since my wife usually reads these I just want her
to know "I miss you, too, babe."

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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