Saturday, July 25, 2009

Getting Real

Here's an interesting checklist from the Church of the Customer Blog:

Hype vs. excitement: expanded

Posted: 14 Jul 2009 10:52 AM PDT

We had nifty comments to the original hype vs. excitement post, so here's an enhanced version of the chart featuring them.

Hype is: Excitement is:
An impossible promise A realistic promise
Sales-driven Value-driven
Exclamation points Passion
Obnoxious Contagious
Cause for mistrust Cause for belief
Overuse of adverbs Adverb-free
Narcissistic Optimistic
Segway Bike Friday
Contrived Authentic
Unsustainable Fuel for the future
From COTC readers:
Bound to burn out quickly Bound to improve ROI (Zoltan Devai)
Overpromising Overdelivering (Dan Limbach)
"Some restrictions apply" Free (Bob Poole)
Mob mentality Individual thrill (Jeannie Walters)
Artificially colored cornstarch Top sirloin steak, medium-well (Jon Nichols)
Showing off Showing up (Maria Reyes-McDavis)
Focused on yourself Focused on your customer (Bruce Kaechele)

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