Monday, December 29, 2008

My Prediction is Coming True

First, the Prediction.

On the Junta 42 Blog, I predicted,

Name: Scott Howard, ScLoHo
Prediction: In 2009 the smart brand marketers will reach out via text offers and Twitter offers to the college aged crowd, money saving offers that they can use repeatedly to build brand preferences for the future.

Several bloggers picked this as one of the top 10 from the list.

Now comes the news that Pepsi is following my prediction as we roll into the new year. The story is from the New York Post. Read the last line in the story!



December 28, 2008 --

Pepsi wants to be the choice of a new generation - again.

Hoping to revive sales of its flagship soda and recapture its youthful vibe, the cola company is ringing in the New Year with one of its most ambitious ad efforts in more than a decade.

Pepsi is zeroing on "millennials" - those born between 1980 and 1990 - in much the same way it took aim at Baby Boomers with the "Pepsi Generation" campaign.

"It's a complete relaunch of the brand," said Ralph Santana, Pepsi's vice president of colas. "We're trying to get out of the old model of marketing."

For years, Pepsi had a marketing edge over rival Coke, but more recently the company has watched soft-drink sales slide. Despite the down economy, Pepsi believes its target demo is an optimistic bunch, and its new "Refresh" campaign reflects that notion.

A new TV spot, which will debut tonight in primetime, is the first for the flagship brand since Pepsi dropped Omnicom's BBDO - the agency that created the "Pepsi Generation" - after 50 years and switched to sibling firm TBWA. The ad, dubbed "Wordplay," uses Pepsi's redesigned logo to spell out upbeat words.

The campaign will carry over into Times Square, where the company is taking over eight huge signs as part of nationwide outdoor advertising campaign. Pepsi hopes to build momentum for the campaign by partnering with MTV for its New Year's Eve coverage.

Pepsi also is incorporating text messaging with interactive billboards to connect with tech-savvy consumers.

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