Thursday, October 02, 2008

Problem Solving when there is no Problem

The very best sales people are not selling from their perspective, they are selling from the customers perspective. Look at this:

Welcome to this week's business insight by Shep Hyken. This
week's insight is titled:

Be a Problem Solver

Be a problem solver. I'm not talking about solving complaints.
I'm talking about needs. Understand that a customer comes to you
because they need your help. It doesn't matter what you do,
your job is to solve a problem or a need.

There are two types of problems/needs that you can solve. The
first is the business problem. For example, a customer calls and
they have a question. Perhaps they need to purchase something
and you are going to help them do it. Maybe they need to replace
a broken whatever. Whatever the customer needs, you are going to
help them get it.

The second type of problem/need is non-business. However, it
affects the perception of your business. Let's say you are a
limousine driver. You just dropped off your customer and you are
on the way home. You notice a car with a flat tire is parked on
the side of the road. You see an older couple standing next to
the car, looking at the tire. So, you stop, pick them up and
take them to a service station just down the road. Besides
feeling good about doing something nice for someone, two things
happened. First, you solved someone's problem. Second, you
built some good public relations. You never know who these
people may talk to or if they can one day use your services.
Given the opportunity, I'll bet they use you!

Remember, an important function of your job is to solve your
customers' problems.

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