Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kido Factos

Spending time with kids this weekend? Here's some helpful hints?

Volume 2 Issue 5
May 14, 2008


38% of kids said they visited a non-existent website in a Sesame Workshop study questioning if kids exaggerate.


58% of Latino teens would prefer to meet singer Shakira rather than President Bush, finds Intelligence Group.


Male college students want a tech gift for graduation (58%), whereas female college students prefer to be gifted with a vacation trip (40%), according to Decision Analyst research for Circuit City. Only 1.5% of upcoming graduates don't want anything.


28% of 14-21 year olds follow their dreams, such as becoming a rock star or NBA player, regardless of how unrealistic they are, finds Alloy Media & Marketing.


Female college students, on average, talk to mom or dad on their cell phone seven times a week and male students speak to their parents five times per week, according to SurveyU.

Youth Markets Alert (YMA) identifies the latest trends among U.S. children, tweens and teens. Download a free sample issue to discover how twice-monthly case studies, research, contacts, and industry sector analysis connect you with young Americans' $200 billion in spending power.

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