Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Fast Ones

Friday afternoon clickable links for you from me and Mediapost:

McDonald's Puts Its Arches On WNBA Jerseys In Regular Play
by Karl Greenberg
[Restaurants] During WNBA Tip-Off 2008 presented by McDonald's, the fast-food giant will display its logo on the court, on poll pads and on team chair-backs. McDonald's will also promote its brand through courtside signage, in-game advertisements and a variety of in-game promotions, along with prominent exposure on and during the promotion. - Read the whole story...

Women In Wealthy Homes Make 2 Of 3 Buying Decisions
by Karlene Lukovitz
[Research] Clearly, "winning over wealthy women is a do-or-die proposition for companies in industries as varied as travel, health care, financial services and home improvement," says Luxury Institute CEO Milton Pedraza. Some companies clearly get it. For example, Marriott, Hilton, Visa and Home Depot each earned an unaided mention from 7% of respondents for being companies that do the best job of marketing to wealthy women. - Read the whole story...

Rising Prices Provide New Market Positioning For Grocery Chain
by Sarah Mahoney
[Retail] The company, which began a rebranding effort last fall, is offering an extended version of a gas gift card program it has been experimenting with for the last two years, in various markets. In a recent Chattanooga, Tenn., store test, more than 260 shoppers managed to pick up enough for the free gas card in just one shopping trip on the promotion's first day. - Read the whole story...

Hallmark Campaigns To 'Move Dad' In Father's Day Promo
by Laurie Sullivan
[Retail] The online and multi-city contest tour gives dads a platform rock out to MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This," as featured in one of Hallmark's Cards with Sound, an innovation launched a few years ago and slowly gaining in awareness. The Hallmark MC Hammer television ad that debuted last year will air again beginning June 2. - Read the whole story...

Hyundai Drives Nearly New Sonata Into Sedan Headwind
by Karl Greenberg
[Automotive] The company says the car will bring in buyers from both domestic and import brands; and that the current gas prices should benefit sales. "We are looking to have this as a destination for people defecting from SUVs," says Hyundai's Michael Deitz, adding that owners of domestics will see the car as a move-up vehicle, a far cry from Hyundai's mid-1990s rep. - Read the whole story...

Targeting Gays, Lesbians Is A Win-Win, New Survey Shows
by Aaron Baar
[Strategy] While there was benefit within the community for targeting this minority population, there was little downside, according to Prime Access and PlanetOut's survey. Only 14% of straight consumers said having a gay-friendly brand had an adverse affect on their purchase decisions. For the most part, straight consumers barely noticed LGBT-targeted efforts. - Read the whole story...

Burger King Launches Recruitment Campaign

Anheuser-Busch Ends Import Right To Grolsch

AmEx: $25 Off At Best Buy, Borders, Fandango, SpaFinder

More Consumers To Spend Rebates At Pump

Brian Philips To Head FedEx Kinko's

Keith Houlemard Named Jordan Brand President

Hardee's Thumbs Nose At Value Menu Movement

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