Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Missing Your Target?

There's nothing worse than being stuck and not knowing how to get unstuck....


Not Hitting Your Sales Numbers? Do This One Thing Better
by Mike Schultz & John Doerr

“Like a poor marksman you keep…missing…the target. Kaaahhhnnn!!!”

- Admiral James T. Kirk

There was this one sales person I know that worked

very hard, but he always seemed to be middle of the pack when it came to results. He had good skills. He was a good guy. But the results just weren’t there.

One day I got a chance to watch him in action. Early in the day I asked him what his plan was for the day, and he said, “Sell, of course.” There wasn’t much rhyme or reason to it as he plowed forward.

At the end of the day, I asked him if he met his goals for the day, and if he felt like he was on the right track to hit his sales and personal income target.

He didn’t have much to say on either point...

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