Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Looking Good?

from an email I subscribe to from Jack Falvey:

The double-edge sword of casual business attire, an oxymoron of the highest order, has cut both ways and has done few any good.
At sales meetings you, your product, your personal prospects, are on display. Your future income and career opportunities are on the line. Should you tow that line in sandals? Should you send a T-shirt message? Should you be in cut-offs? If you want to cut off future opportunity, this is how it is done.
Dressing for success is a big deal. There are no off-duty moments. Those who think there are will be knocked off the steep and slippery sides of the pyramid the upwardly mobile are climbing.
Packaging is everything. Ignore that principle at your peril. Look good to your customers. Look sharp to your boss. Be sharp in comparison to your peers. Stand out at sales meetings for cool professionalism. The comparisons need not be stark. They can be subtle, but be sure you are on the winning side of the dress code curve. Few codes are published. There is no organization on earth in which they are not enforced.
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