Monday, January 31, 2011

Smart Phone Revolution

I've been meaning to create a Droid app for my sites.... Here's why.

From Drew:

Marketing tip #4: Better pay attention to mobile

by Drew McLellan

About 12 months ago, people thought I was crazy for launching the Drew McLellan app for both the iPhone and the Droid (download it for free by clicking on the link in the sidebar) but I was just jumping on a trend's tsunami of a wave -- all to get my ideas and recommendations out to you.

If you prefer to access information with your smart phone, I want to be there too. It's that simple. Is your company thinking along the same lines?

The trend's wave, if anything, is getting larger. The usage numbers are staggering and I think we're at the tip of the iceberg here. Watch this short video and imagine the numbers in 2 or 5 years. (e-mail subscribers, click here to view the video

If you haven't asked yourself and your team these questions -- you'd better get to it:

  1. How are we going to reach our customers, prospects and/or employees via mobile?
  2. How quickly can we get started?
  3. Are our competitors already using mobile? How far behind are we?
  4. If we'd be first -- how far ahead would we be?

Experts predict that by 2020, most of us will be using our mobile device as our primary tool for accessing the web.

Will you be on board with mobile by then?

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