Monday, January 31, 2011

Details make the difference

from my email:

Daily Sales Tip: Influence, Don t Just Inform

One of the biggest hindrances to selling success is being informative rather than persuasive. Information overwhelms us. Your role as a salesperson is to make the available information actionable for your buyers. To do that, you ll need to use all Five Prongs of Persuasion :

1. Word Choice: Positive, specific, precise words.
2. Rhetoric: Powerful phrasing and graceful grammar that pack a powerful punch on a buyer s memory.
3. Emotion: Feelings of pleasure, fear, safety, discomfort, pride, acceptance, rejection or prestige.
4. Logic: Reasoning and conclusions drawn from facts, information, opinions or ideas.
5. Trustworthiness: Trust in the principles, values and integrity of an individual or organization.
To persuade, you need to know and use the best words, to establish your own and your organization s credibility, and to identify the best strategies with each buyer -- whether that be primarily an appeal to emotion or an appeal to logic or a combination of both.

Source: Dianna Booher, CEO, Booher Consultants

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