Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's not a Sales Job

It's a Relationship Job.

And on this Thanksgiving holiday, please pay heed to these wise words on relationshios from Jack Falvey:

A field sales job is like no other, and family support is a must. It doesn’t come with the territory. You have to earn their understanding and patience. It doesn’t come free, so invest whatever it takes in time and effort to make it and your family work for you. Professionally, you know enough about how to maintain good key account relations so that you earn your living with these skills. Avoid the syndrome of the shoemaker’s children going without shoes. On a local field day, take your spouse to lunch, if it can be done. No need to parachute in from the opposite coast for birthdays and anniversaries. Before you make major scheduling decisions, protect key dates. You will not have complete control over these things, but by putting them in the front of your priority list, you can oftentimes build in a quality of life that is not only acceptable but, in some cases, exceptional due to the flexibility field sales permits. Overnight travel and long local hours are not easy on anyone. There is no such thing as quality time. Quantity is all that counts. Make sure, if you must give your all for the company, nothing gets in the way of an equal commitment to your family.
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