Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday Prediction Part 2

Another report about tomorrow:

Survey Predicts Black Friday Will Be 'Retail Bonanza'

The day after Thanksgiving will give retailers the biggest sales boost in U.S. history heading into the busy holiday shopping season, according to new research released from America's Research Group/UBS.

"The last Friday in November will be incredible for every retail category, even those not normally seen as selling Christmas gifts," said Britt Beemer, Chairman and CEO of America's Research Group. "The highest number of people in 20 years of conducting shopping surveys said they will shop on Black Friday. This is incredible."

The findings were based on a survey conducted the first weekend in November. The survey also showed that of the nearly 50% shopping, 65% -- also the highest number in the 20 years of America's Research Group's Christmas Shopping Surveys -- will shop early bird specials on Black Friday.

"As more and more shoppers look to holiday weekends to do their shopping, Black Friday this year should break every shopping record," Beemer said. ARG research has been 100% correct in its holiday shopping research over its 20-year history of taking these surveys. Even though the Survey showed that people will spend less this year -- at 54% this is also the highest number ever -- of that number many more will choose to hit the stores on Black Friday.

This year is different, too, because for the first time nearly half of respondents -- again, the highest number ever -- expect stores to be short-handed -- BUT -- for the first time, too, the rudeness factor is kicking in. A whopping 46.1% -- again the highest in survey history -- said they will leave if forced to wait in line.

Also on Black Friday, based on survey results, expect shoppers to use credit cards far less than they have ever done so up until this time. Last year, 2 in 5, or 38.5%. used credit cards to pay for Christmas gifts. This year that number is reduced in half with only 15.8% using credit cards this year.

(Source: America's Research Group, 11/16/10)

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