Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moving Forward

From my email:

Daily Sales Tip: 'Let's Do This'

Get advances if you can't close.

"Let's do this" is a proven technique that allows you to talk about the next steps in the process while you move your prospect forward toward a final decision.

Let's suppose you're an hour into the sales call and the prospect has shared with you some of the problems he has, but he's still unsure of your product or service's value.

You want to go back to your office and study them prior to giving a proposal. In this case, you would say, "Let's do this. I'm going to go back and put some thought into this and then let's set a time we can come back in a week and take it a little further."

The better process manager you are, the better salesperson you are.

Source: Sales trainer Bill Caskey

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