Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are You Upselling?

Barry Labov started as a musician and jingle writer and evolved into creating an agency that focuses on working with businesses that have dealer networks. Volkswagen is one of their major clients and they are located here in my city Fort Wayne, along with a couple of satellite offices elsewhere.

Besides knowing Barry and a few members of his team, I also keep an eye on their blog.

Check out this piece from earlier this month and click here for their website.

Asking (again) for the sale

A regional drive-through car wash I frequently visit does a great job in a number of areas like marketing and attention to detail, like putting a bag over your rear wiper so it doesn’t end up like a projectile from the movie “Twister.” But the one thing they’re really good at is asking for the sale—even after I’m sold. I have a book of coupons for the basic wash, but without fail, the friendly guy or girl says, “Looks like a little bit of brake dust…it’s just $2 for the Wheel Bright.” It’s my guess that those two dollars (asked for consistently) mean the difference between having a thriving car wash enterprise or going out of business.

– Jim

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