Friday, February 19, 2010

It IS your job...

Pass this on to your "non-salespeople".

From my email:

It's Everyone's Job

Customer service is everyone's responsibility. How you do your job, how you interact with your peers, and how you interface with customers determine the way your company competes in the marketplace.

The way you approach your job and how you contribute value determine the quality of your company's products and services. Your initiative, commitment to excellence, and follow-through affect customer satisfaction even if you have no direct contact with customers. The quality of your effort affects the quality of your company's solution for customers.

How you interact with your peers has an outward rippling effect on customer satisfaction. You can only serve external customers to the degree to which you serve each other. When employees battle each other for power, recognition, and rewards, customer satisfaction is a casualty of that battle. When departments fight turf wars, there is little energy left over to battle the real foe --customer dissatisfaction.

How you interface with customers determines your company's image. Your company can spend millions of dollars promoting an image, but how you treat customers speaks more loudly about your feelings for customers. If you view customers as an interruption, they hear it in your voice. If you frown when customers call, customers see it in their mind's eye. If you believe that serving is a pain in the neck or someone else's responsibility, it's difficult to conceal those feelings.

Customer service is everyone's responsibility, regardless of title or position. It's your job. It's your peers' job. It's your boss's job. Everyone is responsible for creating satisfied customers because everything you do affects customer satisfaction in one way or another.

Source: Sales author/consultant Tom Reilly (

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