Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Voicemail Tips that Work

This is my approach.

From Steve Clark:

Using Voice Mail as a Prospecting Tool: How to get ‘em to call you back

My friend Steve Rae makes some good points in his post about voice mail. His post details how to leave a proper voice mail with someone that you have had some previous contact.

But what about how to leave a voice mail with a prospect that you have never spoken with? That’s a horse of a different color.

If, as Steve says and I believe, most voice mails are deleted in 20 seconds or less, what do you say to get people, who don’t know you, to call you back?

First let’s look at the typical message left by a sales rep:

Hello, Mr. Prospect this is John Smith with Technology Services. We are a national provider of internet services and I am calling today to tell you about some exciting programs we have for small business owners. Please call me at 555-1212 at your earliest convenience. Thank you and have a great day.

What is the problem with this approach?

It gives the listener too much information. The second the listener hears the name of your company and what you do they form a premature opinion about whether they need what you are selling and they hit the delete button.

RULE: The chances of getting a return call are directly proportional to how much information you leave.

If you want to increase your odds of a prospect calling you back leave this message:

John, this is Steve Clark. As soon as you get a minute, please give me a call at 850-936-7028.

This works for several reasons:

• It is hard to ignore because it doesn’t provide the listener with excess information.
• It also piques their curiosity
• It gets the listener‘s attention because they don’t know if you are a prospect, vendor, referral or customer and there is a bit of fear about not returning that type of call.

When leaving this message tonality is the key. You will want to slow down your rate of speech, lower your voice and project a confident business like tone.

Will this approach work every time? Absolutely not.

Will it work most of the time? Absolutely not?

Will it work a lot better than what you now do? You bet your sweet bippy.

Good Selling

Steve Clark

PS Read More of Steve’s posts at American Small Business

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