Thursday, September 17, 2009

Staying Busy

This morning I am sharing a personal story about making a name for yourself. Some call it Personal Branding, others Self-Promotion, I just call it hard work.

But I also describe it as following a passion, and that makes the work, less "workish" if you know what I mean.

This summer within a two week time frame was asked to:

  1. Do a presentation on my new marketing business for a group of 40 business owners.
  2. Be interviewed by our local business newspaper for a behind the scenes look at what I do.
  3. Write a 1000 word article on advertising and marketing for the Chamber of Commerce newsletter.
  4. Host a local seminar on Social Media & Marketing.

Fortunately, the timing of each of these events has worked out. The first presentation was done in May, the interview was done in June, the article was published last month, and the seminar is next month.

Of course, it was a combination of what I do in person and online that has created this momentum. A couple days ago, someone asked me when I have time to work! Well, I continue to do advertising sales for a group of radio stations that I have been with for nearly seven years,
along with assisting in various other duties with the stations.

I also recently added advertising sales for a couple of local specialty publications to the portfolio I can offer my current and future clients, do marketing/advertising consulting and personal sales training.

Lunch time today will be with our local Advertising Federation, of which I'm on the Board of Directors and this afternoon I have a meeting with others from the marketing committee of our local Boy Scouts.

This blog has between 21 and 30 updates a week, I write another one on Marketing that is updated once or twice a week. There is a personal, local blog that is updated twice a day and a couple more that get regular updates.

I am active with friends, family, church and enjoying life. When I started writing this post, I thought it was simply to share with you the article I wrote for the Chamber, but it turned out to be more of a background piece!

A Dozen Plus 1 Tips

Recently I was asked by the Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce to write an article for their newsletter, Emphasis, which is sent to 5000 local business people as a special supplement in the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly. See if you can find all 12 tips (plus 1):

The answer to all your advertising and marketing questions:


Whether you are selling burgers, automobiles, health care or clothing; what really matters is the relationship between your business and your customers. This relationship lives in the hearts and minds of your current, previous and potential customers. And the first reality that you need to accept is that your customer doesn’t care about you and your business unless you truly show in a demonstrable way that you care about them, their needs and wants.

Instead of bragging about how good you are, focus on how you can meet their needs. That is the heart of a successful marketing campaign.

So, what goes into a marketing campaign? For starters, here's a quick check list of 12 things that you can use as you examine how to improve the marketing of your business and improve relationships:

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