Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to Basics

Our sales tip for today:

Make Every Call Count

Be prepared to make the most of every call. What value are you deriving from each customer visit? Who is controlling the sales call/sales or the customer?

Experience and research has demonstrated that formal pre-call planning generates more successful outcomes of all sales activities. You should never take sales call effectiveness for granted -- especially in tough economic times. The days of "blowing through" a call are over.

The simple fact is that you are paid to move the customer to the next stage in your sales cycle. In today's economic climate, you've got too much at risk not to plan for success.

Now, more than ever, craft a strategy to overcome such objections as:

-- "Until things improve, we're not undertaking new projects."
-- "Now is not the time to change. We need to stay with our current supplier."
-- "With economic conditions as they are, we're looking for low price suppliers."

Write a long list of discovery questions that will uncover hidden opportunities.

Source: Jim Kasper, president of Interactive Resource Group (

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