Monday, August 24, 2009

Top Dog= You

From Craig Garber recently:

The other day we talked about the importance of positioning
when you're approaching prospects.

I think we concluded with something like, ".... and when
you're the big cheese, you make the people working with you
feel special. They feel lucky and excited about their
relationship with you because you're NOT just anyone.
You're the top dog -- they know it, and you know it.

So here are three ways to take full-charge command when it
comes to positioning.

1. Take the lead by offering as much information about your
particular topic as you possibly can. There is no easier
and more concrete way of garnering respect, than by being
an authority on the things you're talking about.

This is why writing a book, for example, builds so much
credibility and is so important.

And, it's also why using two-step lead generation is so
effective. By default, you're the authority when people
come to you for info, which is the essence of what two-step
lead generation is. Remember, when you are looked at as an
authority on something instead of as a salesperson, you
automatically lower any resistance to your recommendations.
(Think, "doctor" - when the doctor says you need
surgery... you're not thinking "he's selling me something."
In many cases you probably should be thinking this, but
that's another conversation for another day.)

2. In other words, be a problem-solver, not a sales person.
Come from the mindset of "How can I fix their problems...
make their lives better... alleviate their pain and
frustration..." You get what I'm saying here, right?

Don't worry about the sale, worry about solving your
prospect's problems and when you do this, the sale comes
swiftly and easily.

3. In many situations, you can actually make your prospects
apply to do business with you. Yes, this may sound
unconventional, but if you keep doing things
conventionally, you're only going to get conventional
results. And I assume that's not why you're reading this,

Good. Because the truth is, making someone apply to work
with you is probably one of the smartest things you can
ever do. And in fact, not only is it smart for your
positioning, but it actually makes your current clients
feel special, and it lets your prospects know you're not
dicking around and you value your time. It lets them know
you don't have the time and energy to work with just anyone
-- that your time is valuable.

So not only does this help with positioning, but you
automatically create time management dynamics and set
parameters for your clients, they'll respect moving

I can't explain how important this topic is. In many ways,
for much of the work I do, both in my core business and for
sure in my "non-core" businesses, positioning has played a
major role in my success.

Don't miss out on this critical concept -- if you do, you
also miss out on lots of dollars as well.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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