Friday, August 28, 2009

They Don't Care

From an email from Craig Garber:

Hi Scott,

One of the toughest things about sales, and heck, one of the
toughest things in life in general, is we often forget
others don't necessarily share our passion about things.

So for instance, if you're really passionate about Ultimate
Fighting, for example... if you live and breathe this stuff
to the point where you're following every single match,
each fighter's particular training methods... and even
their diets... it's hard for you to understand that there
are people out there in the world who could care less about

Who don't even know what UFC stands for, for that matter.
Yet, you might be spending two or three hours a day
thinking about it and discussing it on forums online. And
when you're so immersed in something like this, it's hard
to fathom that there are others out there who are so
unaware, right?

Well, this is the same handicap many sales people and
entrepreneurs suffer when it comes to selling.

See, no one, including your customers, cares anywhere nearly
as much about your business or your particular skill-set,
the way you do.

And so when you're out there trying to sell prospects on
something, you need to sell them on end results and
solutions, not "how good you are" at wholesaling homes...
or financial planning... or interior decorating... or
whatever it is you do.

And it's sometimes hard to do this because you're so
completely immersed in being the best at what you do --
it's hard to imagine anyone, especially your customers, not
sharing or appreciating the pride of ownership you have,
over how skilled you are and how competent your work is.

But rest assured, they don't appreciate it, because it's not
their problem.

You get hired, and people buy stuff from you because of the
results you deliver, and nothing more.

No one cares I've spent close to 30,000 hours over the last
ten years becoming the best... refining my copy and my
marketing skills. And frankly, they shouldn't care. That
was my decision, the same way it was my decision to have
three children.

These are my choices, or my problems, even. And in sales,
you should never make... your problems... your customer's

Sell results, solutions, and end benefits, and your
customers will hear you loud and clear.

And tomorrow I'll give you a few easy strategies to use,
that'll help you do this.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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