Saturday, July 11, 2009

Your Comfort Zone

From Drew:

Creature comfort?

Posted: 06 Jul 2009 08:30 AM PDT

Shutterstock_31835329 Recently, we looked at how fear can paralyze. As promised, let's now take a peek at fear’s evil counterpart, comfort.

While fear paralyzes, comfort just makes us lazy. When things are going okay and business is good are you out there working it? Are you staying in touch with existing clients? Reaching out to former ones? Looking for that new business prospect? Probably not.

That’s why marketing efforts cannot be effective without being a part of a schedule. It’s just too easy when things are going well to just let things slide. But, if part of your week’s schedule, week in and week out, is to make 5 cold calls or schedule lunch with a former client – then it will get done. It’s habit. And if it isn't habit -- it is scheduled.

If you don’t get into the habit, that comfy place you’re in now is going to shift sooner or later. And then you’re going to gear up a marketing effort – and be frustrated when it doesn’t work instantaneously.

Marketing isn’t something you start when the ship is leaking. Effective marketing is consistently and regularly talking to your key audiences. Just like the ground absorbs the rain water better when it comes in a light, all-day rain, your potential customers will hear you much better if you talk to them regularly, rather than shouting at them when you need their business right away.

Don’t let fear or comfort control your marketing. You take control. Put a simple written plan in place. Build it into your workweek, your planner and your habits. Feeling a little less comfy? Good.

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