Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Example of My Prediction coming to Life

Last year, I submitted a prediction for 2009, that some folks put on their top 10 list:

First, the Prediction. On the Junta 42 Blog, I predicted, Name: Scott Howard, ScLoHo
Prediction: In 2009 the smart brand marketers will reach out via text offers and Twitter offers to the college aged crowd, money saving offers that they can use repeatedly to build brand preferences for the future.
Several bloggers picked this as one of the top 10 from the list.

Here's another example of how it's being carried out:
H&R Block tries mobile marketing to reach 18- to 34-set H&R Block, seeking to build loyalty among younger taxpayers, is pitching its free Web-based tax prep service to the 18- to 34-year-old demographic, via a sponsorship deal with the ad-driven mobile service ChaCha. Under the program, H&R Block is fielding tax queries by phone or text, and providing answers with texts, accompanied by H&R Block ads directing users to its free online tax-prep service. Advertising Age

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