Monday, June 16, 2008

How to Generate Web Visitors

So you've got a website.

Want to know how to get people that are already online to visit your website?

One way that I use is to feature other websites stories and articles complete with links to their sites.

There are other great ideas too.

Read this:

The Trick To Drawing Free Traffic
You can pay for Web site traffic with PPC ads, and possibly even affiliate networks, but for Willie Crawford, the best ways to generate traffic for you (or your clients) are free. And it starts with getting a tool to alert you to when there's dialogue (be it via blog, forum, or even a video) going on about the chosen subject matter.

"I use automated software to monitor and notify me of active blogs, forums, and communities in my niche," Crawford says. "When I discover a new resource, I then analyze it, and if appropriate, I interact with that high traffic site, and leave a link back to my site, which is a perfectly acceptable practice."

In this way, when there's a discussion going on in Yahoo Answers about "how to choose a bathroom contractor," for example, your bathroom renovation client can be aware, and leave a helpful hint in the answers stream. - Read the whole story...

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