Saturday, July 23, 2011

When Is the Best Time for a Staff Sales Meeting?


Daily Sales Tip: The Dreaded Monday Morning Sales Meeting

Some sales managers believe in gathering the troops first thing Monday morning. Others disagree and prefer sales meetings later in the week; and maybe late in the day. The positives and negatives of each have been debated at length. After all, keeping salespeople in the office rather than in front of clients is expensive, so this is an important decision. Now there is new scientific data available.

A recent study led by Jason Devereux of University College London shows that levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which has been linked to increased blood pressure and weakened immune responses, are higher in white-collar workers' saliva on Monday mornings than on Sunday mornings. The higher levels of secretion may be in anticipation of a stressful day at work, the researchers say.

What's the application of this research to radio sales? We know that making a decision to purchase advertising is often a stressful situation. If Monday mornings are a time of increased stress in white-collar workers, our primary advertising decision-makers, another time would be better to be making presentations. If we are not going to be making client presentations, Monday mornings may be the best time to get that sales meeting out of the way.

Source: John Potter, VP/Training, RAB

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