Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do you Spend $$ on You?

On one hand I found this amazing. I've always bought books, audio programs, and paid for my own professional memberships. Then as I look around at the dozens of sales people I've worked with in just the past 8 years, I know of only 2 did the same. Both are successful.

From my email:

Daily Sales Tip: Investing in Yourself

Over the 20-plus years that I have been training salespeople, educating sales managers and working to transform sales organizations, I have stumbled upon an observation which bothers me every time I communicate it. It's this: Out of a group of any 20 salespeople, only one has invested $25 of their own money on their own development and improvement in the past 12 months.

The non-professional salespeople don't think it's their responsibility to improve themselves. They won't buy a book, or attend a seminar without their bosses paying for it and requiring it of them. To them, it's just a job.

The professionals invest in themselves. Since they see themselves as professionals, they understand that they must constantly and continually "sharpen the saw." They buy the books, get the newsletters, attend the conferences, listen to the podcasts, etc.

Can you imagine your CPA, as he delivers your tax return, mentioning that he hasn't spent any time updating himself in years? Or the doctor, as he goes into surgery to work on your spouse or child, off-handedly tossing out the fact that it's been years since he bothered to take a class or upgrade his skills.

These seem like silly examples. But most salespeople (95 percent) don't bother to take the initiative to upgrade their skills and develop their competencies. Only the professionals do.

Source: Veteran sales trainer and author Dave Kahle

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