Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Average or Exceptional?


6 Questions to Prepare for the Biggest Conversation of Your Life
by Mike Schultz & John Doerr

Imagine for a minute you’re a master carpenter. You’ve been building houses your whole life, trying your best to hone your craft and deliver the highest quality work every day that you possibly could.

Then one day, you’re presented with the opportunity to teach your craft – a craft you’ve been honing for 30 years – to someone else.

Let’s say for argument’s sake that this person has positively average talent! They have no better raw abilities than anyone else you might run into that barely knows the difference between a router and a miter saw.

But they’ve told themselves that they’re going to be the best carpenter that’s ever walked the face of the planet. They’re going to prove to themself, and in the process everybody else, that they will become a master craftsman, a craftsman with the skills that rival the best carpenters in the land.

Now imagine for a minute that they really mean it...

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