Sunday, April 24, 2011

The X Factor

A quick 5 minute test to help you stand out from an email I received from the Wizard Chronicles:

The 5 Minute “Me Too” Test

By Sonya Winterbotham, Wizard of Ads Partner

ClockThis test is courtesy of a dear friend and colleague Geoff Bickerton.

Writers are always asking for a businesses Point of Difference… Well this makes it easy!

Grab a pen.

Some paper.

Draw a table.

In the top left hand corner write the name of your business. Underneath it list down every little bit of info you put into your marketing. It might be a price point, a guarantee, a level of service, product range, opening hours etc.


Across the top, write down the names of businesses competing for your same customers.

It should look something like this:-

Now it’s time to fill in your table. Look again at the info down the left hand column… Make your way across each business putting an X in the box if that business can do it too.

For every row that now shows an X – the info down the left hand column is “me too” info - Meaning your competitors are doing it too. Are there any rows with no X’s? That’s your “Me Only” story and that is your marketing campaign.

Pens down. Test over. How’d you do?

By the way if your table is full of X’s – Don’t panic!

It doesn’t mean your business has failed the test. But it does tell you your marketing needs a little more tweaking.

Your “Me Only” story is probably right under your nose.

So ask yourself, better still ask your customers - Why are they buying from you? X has marked the spot not to dig… a quick little survey amongst your customers could help find the gold you’re looking for.

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