Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Creating 100% Satisfaction

A couple weeks ago I came across this story from the Wizard Chronicles:

Diamonds Are a Guys Best Friend… if You’re These Guys!

By Sonya Winterbotham, Wizard of Ads Partner

EverettBrookes JewellersToday I’m reading the Alchemist.

It may in fact become the first book I will finish in one day… Not that 167 pages is a big challenge but my reading pace tends to be that of the tortoise and not the hare. For those, who have waited far too long to read the Alchemist it is a story about following your Personal Legend, following your dream and doing what you were born to do. I believe these two men are doing just that…

David Everett and Ian Brookes are jewelers. They are not men who use molds or machinery to make mass produced pieces shipped to chain stores around the country. David Everett and Ian Brookes are true craftsmen, with hands born of skill and eyes formed of precision they meticulously, lovingly, proudly produce the most spectacular pieces of jewellery crafted by hand.

But that is not why I want to share the EverettBrookes story. These men possess something else… In following their Personal Legend, they have built a business model that shows great incite into understanding their customer’s needs, wants and behaviors.

So here is what EverettBrookes understand, and how they do things differently:-

What a woman wants when buying a ring is perfection. For perfection to transcend design paper to finger is no easy task, and David and Ian came to the conclusion that it is not always possible.

Once on her finger she may wish the diamonds were a little bigger, the band a little thicker, the setting a little higher and what most jewelers would say is “tough luck, you picked it, we made it, better choosing next time.”.

David and Ian made a very firm decision that people would only walk out their front door with a smile, and a smile comes from perfection.

So what do they do? Offer to start over again and make the ring exactly how you want it… at no… extra… charge. They’ll start your ring again from scratch… no charge, no obligation, no stiff jewellery store stance, just the promise of perfection.

What would most others do? Look at the bottom line, grumble about cost, and say they can’t afford the risk… EverettBrookes looks at every customer as a brand ambassador and if just one walks out the door feeling disappointed – well that’s the risk they can’t afford.

Their entire business model is created around customer needs – not their needs.

  • They open late so couples can come after work, and if you need that engagement ring for your party on Saturday, they won’t tell you it can’t be finished in time.
  • They’ll just ignore the clock and work late, work early, work around the job so that sparkle is on your finger to show off to your friends on Saturday so they can ask “where did you get it” and you’ll say – “I got it from this amazing jewellery store called EverettBrookes… let me tell you about them”.

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