Thursday, February 17, 2011


from the Labov Sales Channel:

Sales Hostage

Last week I was witness to a very unfortunate sales experience, and by unfortunate, I mean absolutely horrible. A friend of mine was essentially held hostage while a salesperson tried to sell a big-ticket product. It took being demanding and rude to leave.

Do you have to essentially hold potential customers hostage to get their attention? Is the only way they’ll buy from you is by developing Stockholm Syndrome? Do you find yourself arguing with the customer or insulting them?

If so–you are doing something wrong. A lot wrong. Heavy-handed and desperate sales tactics may get you an occasional sale, but they do not create loyalty, a re-purchase, owner satisfaction, a recommendation or same-customer growth. It creates an unhealthy, negative experience that the owner must relive every month when the installment payment comes due.

This type of sales process is argumentative, hostile, absurd, illogical and self-serving. I saw every clumsy old-school technique used one after the other. It was at times funny because of the absurdity.

Give your customers the respect they are due and be professional. LISTEN to them and see if there is a solution you can offer them. Don’t listen to them to just find points to counter attack. Be an advisor, an advocate. Sales should not be a fighting match. That’s the type of behavior that makes people distrust and dislike salespeople. Rise above it and do what’s best. Or do something else.

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