Saturday, February 19, 2011

Email Insights

Got a couple of emails recently about email!

Here's the first one, another one coming at 6pm tonight.

This is from American Music Concepts:

MailChimp is one of the world's most successful email marketing service companies and they just released some super valuable statistics ... These stats are based on over 9.5 billion emails and the research is very interesting.

88% of business people only have one email address and they use that email address for work and play. Only 12% of business people have two email addresses. The most effective time to send an email is on the weekend ... In fact early Sunday morning between 6A - 8A and Saturday nights between 10P and 12:00 midnight are the two peak times during the week when your email is most likely to be read. 80.8% of email is now opened and read on Smart Phones ... That's right, less than 20% of email is now read on a computer. Customers prefer to hear from AE's through email at least once a week if you are sending "value messages" ... In fact, unsubscribing/deleting is high if they only hear from you once a month. Send useful information via email once a week and don't be afraid to send too much.

Finally, How much of your email do you read? MailChimp reports 20% all of it, 50% most of it, 20% 1/2 of it and 5% very little. Business people love email. If clients expect it and it shows up on time ... It becomes a ritual.

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