Thursday, January 27, 2011

Turn it Around

from the Labov Sales Channel:

Re-wording the problem

I had an interesting conversation yesterday regarding a problem I was having completing a task. The man I was speaking with rephrased the issue and it made me think differently about how to solve the problem. At first, I resisted, thinking this wasn’t what I was dealing with at all, but then suddenly the problem became manageable.

It reminds me of a similar issue I had with a client several years ago. The client wanted to go to market with a product so they could be first; however, they couldn’t sell the idea up the ladder due to the perceived lack of demand in the market. We repositioned the pitch to show how it filled a void in the market, and the product took flight. It was the exact same product, but we discussed it in a different way so it had new meaning. Once we understood all the angles as seen by others, we were able to adapt our message and cope with the reality of the situation.

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