Thursday, December 09, 2010

Thursday Night Marketing News from Mediapost

At this moment, I'm slipping into some rented shoes, at a local bowling center to raise $$ for a good event.

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by Karl Greenberg
Sarah Robb O'Hagan, CMO at Gatorade and Stanley Hainsworth of Seattle-based design firm Tether have a lot to say about collaborative work in extending and reinventing a brand. The two detailed where Gatorade has been and where it is going in a presentation at Wednesday's ANA Creativity Conference in New York. ...Read the whole story >>
by Karlene Lukovitz
Starbucks garnered a media-buy purchase equivalent of $67.8 million in free brand exposure through online news media, social media and Twitter between September and November 2010, placing it at the top of online media impact value rankings in the first Fast Food Industry Media Value Report from media measurement technology firm General Sentiment. ...Read the whole story >>
Packaged Goods
by Tanya Irwin
The effort, which involves conducting focus groups and holding conversations with women nationwide, comes on the heels of a proprietary quantitative study of how women think and feel about their bodies. The results, it says, show more than 40% of women misidentify the vagina on an anatomical diagram. ...Read the whole story >>
by Aaron Baar
Growth won't be realized until after 2011, as consumers -- who had been using disposable income for necessity purchases during the recession (and may have put off some necessary purchases that need to be made as recovery takes hold -- take some time to build up discretionary spending income, says Mary Lynn Palenik, director of gaming, entertainment, media and communications practice at PwC. ...Read the whole story >>
by Karl Greenberg
Crayola, a privately held division of Hallmark, has been redefining itself since 2004. Speaking about the evolution of the brand at the 2010 ANA Creativity Conference in New York, Sharon Hartley, EVP, marketing and sales for North America at Crayola, said the company had to broaden how it defined itself in order to survive and grow. ...Read the whole story >>
by Sarah Mahoney
A new study from the NPD Group says that this year 62% of buyers leave home knowing precisely what toy they want to buy for their kids, and 77% of those know exactly where they intend to purchase it. And if the toy they want isn't in stock, 42% say they'd head to another store and 9% would look online. Just 22% say they would look for a different product, the market research company reports. ...Read the whole story >>
by Karlene Lukovitz
Twenty-eleven will mark the year that Americans begin making permanent, holistic changes in their diets and buying foods generally rich in nutrition, as opposed to focusing on single nutrients, predicts "supermarket guru" Phil Lempert. ...Read the whole story >>

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