Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Process

from my email:

Daily Sales Tip: The Sales Process

A successful sales process is a proven, documented sales approach with messaging and job aids that represent your winning model for gaining, penetrating and retaining accounts. A formal process would include standardized scripts that ensure everyone is saying the same things, conveying the same message to customers, and is supported by consistent job aids and marketing tools that are appropriately aligned to the steps and activities in the process.

Sales reps appreciate a standardized process because it helps them be more efficient, develop stronger skills through repetition, and spares them from having to reinvent the wheel with every prospect or opportunity. When they get stuck in pursuit of an opportunity, a process provides them guidance with suggested next steps, instead of leaving them floundering and feeling stalled in their efforts. Sales reps also gain a sense of company commitment, support, and dedication toward the sales department and their efforts. But the greatest satisfaction -- for both the company and its sales reps --comes when they see the true outcomes of being more professional and closing more accounts faster.

Sales managers and business owners appreciate the sales process concept. Once the process is defined, it is easier to manage the sales funnel and the expectations surrounding sales activities. A process creates a system of accountability to new business and better information for estimating new cash flow. Managers can also determine where in the sales process the sales reps are getting stuck so they can address these issues sooner rather than later.

Sales reps' problems are often the result of not giving the appropriate amount of effort, or their selling style or methods aren't effective; a process takes the guesswork out of the latter, and allows a manager to manage the sales reps behavior and activities accordingly. Then the results will come.

Source: Sales coach/author Krista Moore

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